Treating Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy Treatment

Bell's palsy can happen at any age. It is a weakness in your face that occurs suddenly, resulting in an eye that won’t close on one side with an associated droop on that same side of your face. Arizona Neurology Associates feel that the cause of this disease, while unknown, is from inflammation and related swelling of a nerve controlling muscles on either side of your face.  In many cases this disease is temporary. Normally improvement will occur within a few weeks with recovery in a six month to a year time frame.  While not confirmed, thinking today is that it is the result of a viral infection. There are some known cases of recurrence, although this is a rarity.

Arizona Neurology Associates have patients with this disease, we have developed and executed treatment plans for them, so we have experience with this, and you can benefit from that experience.

If you have a sense that you might have something going on related to this, you should know that some symptoms are as follows: change in ability to taste, tear and saliva changes, facial drooping, pain in or near the jaw, sensitivity to sound on the affected side, a quick onset of weakness or paralysis on a side of your face.

Because we have the experience we do with this disease, we want you to take advantage of that fact and come see us. Because we are a group of Doctors at Arizona Neurology Associates, we benefit from the cross-talk of information from Doctor to Doctor.  That is an advantage for you when you come to see us, one that Arizona Neurology Associates can offer for your care.

There are many indications of Bell’s palsy, which we won’t go into here. What we will say is that if for any reason you see a symptom, or suspect something is going on, don’t wait for things to get worse or more complicated, take advantage of our depth of experience at Arizona Neurology Associates, and our care for our patients, we can make a difference for you.