Preparing for an ANA Visit

Visit- Arizona Neurology Associate

At Arizona Neurology Associates, we want your initial visits and any follow-up visits to be as effective as we can make them. There are a series of things we would like you to do for your visits with us. Understand this is not a requirement here at Arizona Neurology Associates, but it makes the process of diagnosis and treatment very efficient.

Things to do prior to your visits include compiling a list of medications you are taking, as well as supplements, vitamins or anything else you are taking. You will also want to include other conditions for which you are being treated. Write down symptoms you've been having and for how long. Write down any trigger symptoms that start an attack of your condition or worsen your condition. If possible, bring a friend or family member with you. It helps you relax and alleviates some of the pressure when coming to our facility for the first time. The most important thing to do is write down any questions you have in advance related to your condition, possible diagnosis and treatment.

One question you should ask your doctor at Arizona Neurology Associates is whether you will need diagnostic tests and what might be the most likely cause of your pain. Also ask what kind of approach the doctor recommends for treatment. Include questions such as what side effects could occur with treatment, is surgery being considered and is the condition temporary or possibly permanent. Ask the doctor whether he or she expects a change in your condition with treatment and how much change they might expect. Your condition can be complex or simple, but we don’t want you leaving not understanding what is going on and what the plan is.

In turn, your doctor will ask a series of questions that you should expect. He or she will want to know the location of your symptoms, when they first started and whether they have gotten worse with time. They will also ask how long an attack stemming from your condition occurs and what treatments you have tried to date. The doctor will also focus on key factors of your condition, including running tests related to them.

At Arizona Neurology Associates, we are here to help and we want to ensure the best visits you can get with us. We know it takes time to assemble your questions, but we also know that this will help us to quickly zero in on your condition and to develop the best treatment plan we can put together for you. At the end of the day, we know that you will appreciate it too. Make an appointment with Arizona Neurology Associates today.