Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease Treatment
What is Parkinson’s Disease and do I have it? This is a question our neurologists at Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) have addressed with many of their patients. In short, it's a disease that causes loss of dopamine. That's a chemical produced by the brain that is important for movement.

This happens gradually over a period of time. As dopamine levels go down, symptoms increase. So, armed with that knowledge, why is Parkinson's disease hard to diagnose? Simply put there is no test for it. Diagnosis depends on your symptoms and how they change over time.
Our physicians at Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) are trained general neurologists. Our focus is on diseases of the nervous system, like Parkinson's. Our general neurologist are also Movement Disorder specialists who have training in Parkinson's disease and have a lot of experience treating the problems at each stage of the disease.

We have seen that the ways in which this disease impacts people is as different as the people we see. Not everyone will experience all of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s, and if they do, they won’t necessarily experience them at the same level of intensity or in quite the same order.

Even so, Parkinson’s disease typically has patterns of progression that are defined in stages that as your physician, we will discuss with you and your family. While symptoms are unique to each person, and the progression of symptoms varies from person to person, we will impart our understanding of the stages of Parkinson’s to you so that you can better cope with changes as they occur. We have seen in some instances where it has taken 15 or more years for patients to go through these stages, while with others, we have seen the disease progress more quickly.

People with Parkinson's disease who seek expert care with Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) have better outcomes, and that is why Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) exist. Our patients are at a lower risk of complications, have a better quality of life and even live longer. So whether you're newly diagnosed or have been living with Parkinson's for a while, getting the right care at the right time will be of great value to you and your family! Our physicians and staff are eager to put their knowledge and talents to work for you.