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  • Symptoms of Pediatric Neurological Disorders [Guide]
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    As a parent, one of the last things you want to determine is that your child has a neurological disorder. However, it’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms that accompany these disorders so that you can seek the proper care by a top Arizona neurologist as soon as possible. Symptoms could point to a variety of neurological disorders including epilepsy, ADHD, autism, muscular dystrophy, or cerebral palsy. In these situations, the quicker that symptoms are addressed, the better.

    What is a neurological disorder?

    First, it’s important to understand what a neurological disorder is. According to the Child Neurology Foundation, a neurological disorder applied to any condition caused by a dysfunction in part of the nervous system or brain, resulting in physical or psychological symptoms. These cause of these disorders vary and involve
    Apr 05, 2018
  • Find a Specialist to Treat Your Neurological Conditions [Guide]
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    Neurological conditions can be confusing and quite frightening to deal with. Finding a top-rated specialist for neurological treatment as soon as possible is always best, as the more you know about your condition, the better in charge of your condition you will be. If you’re in Arizona and seeking neurologist treatment, consider Arizona Neurology Associates to cover all of your needs.

    What is a Neurologist?

    While the anxiety of seeing a new doctor is always present, especially when it comes to seeking treatment for a lifelong condition. It’s helpful to new patients to fully understand what exactly a neurologist is and what you can expect from them before the first visit.

    Neurologists specialize in treatment of disease in the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and muscles. This includes the central nervous system and the nerves
    Apr 02, 2018
  • [Top 8] Causes of Sudden Blurred Vision
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    Suddenly losing or experiencing blurred vision in one or both of your eyes can be extremely scary for a person. If you’re in Arizona and notice sudden changes in eyesight, it’s important to seek treatment from a top-rated neurologist in the Glendale area right away. These are changes that are abrupt and not related to the standard blurring of vision over time.

    Here are the 8 causes that could be related to your sudden blurred vision:


    If you have diabetes, you could have developed an eye disease called diabetic retinopathy due to damage to the blood vessels in your retina over time. This will affect the ability of the eye to sense light and can lead to swelling in part of the retina. New blood vessels could also begin growing in the eye and bleeding inside of the eye can occur.

    You may also experience “floating” spots in your vision
    Mar 29, 2018
  • Why would you have to see a neurologist? [Complete Guide]
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    A top-rated neurologist in Arizona is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions in the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and muscles. Often, the primary care doctor will be the one to recommend a patient to neurological treatment in Arizona if he or she exhibits symptoms that point out to a neurological disorder which includes:

    1. Headaches

    Headaches can happen to anyone since there are many factors that cause it such as stress and mild illnesses like a cold. However, if you are experiencing extreme headaches like chronic migraines, it could be the cause of something more severe like blood clots inside the brain. In such instances, you may need the professional help of a neurologist.

    2. Vision Impairment

    If the loss of vision is gradual due to aging and genetic factors, seeing an ophthalmologist would be the
    Mar 09, 2018
  • Functional neurological symptom disorder: [Diagnosis and Treatment]
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    Functional neurological symptom disorder also called conversion disorder by neurologists in Arizona, is a condition wherein an individual suffers psychological stress as a physical problem. Neurologists doctors in Arizona have observed that functional neurological symptom disorder (FND) rarely happens to people and while it can occur in children, it is more prevalent among adolescents and adults. Those who reside in rural environments and work in the military are also more prone to FND than other groups.

    Symptoms of the functional neurological disorder

    Symptoms of functional neurologic disorders can differ from person to person and on the type of disorder but are severe enough to trigger impairment in a person and justify medical attention from a neurologist Glendale AZ. Symptoms can impact a person's body movement and function and may
    Mar 08, 2018
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