Treatement for Headache
An occasional headache is typically no cause for alarm if it is easily resolved with OTC medication. However, If you’re having frequent headaches, or chronic headaches as they are more commonly referred to, that do not improve with over the counter medication, it is time to see Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) who are headache specialists.
Why? We know that frequent use of pain medication does little to improve your headache situation. In fact, taking medication frequently or in large doses can actually lead to more headaches.

If you experience mild headaches only a few time a year, speak with your primary care physician. But for sufferers of chronic or severe headaches, seeing a headache specialist at Arizona Neurology Associates may be the best way to get the relief you desire.

When you consult with Arizona Neurology Associates, we will spend quality time speaking with you in order to get the "big picture". There may be other symptoms such as nausea, a change in vision or changes in cognitive ability that you are experiencing along with your headaches, that's an important piece of information. We will also want to know if you are experiencing more than two headaches per week on a regular basis and do they improve with the use of OTC medications?  If you tell us that your headaches actually are worsening rather than improving we need to know that as well. Are you able to perform everyday tasks or are your headaches preventing you from them? These and other questions are asked by our headache specialists and your answers are documented during the consultation.

In order to treat your type of headache, Arizona Neurology Associates needs to understand their triggers, frequency and severity. Keeping a headache diary is a great way to document your headaches and sharing it with our specialists.

To schedule an appointment with the highest rated neurologists that the Valley has to offer, contact the team at Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) today.