Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

Guillain-Barré syndrome is a condition that damages the peripheral nerves which go from the brain and spinal cord and extend out. This happens because in this condition the body’s immune system damages the peripheral nerve system coming from the spinal cord and brain. The condition can occur from severe to mild. It can require medical treatment and potential hospitalization. Hospitalization happens in cases where it affects a person’s heart rate or breathing. Guillain-Barré syndrome is normally a temporary condition, even in severe cases our patients at Arizona Neurology Center usually recover.

Arizona Neurology Associates would like to note to you that a typical common indicator of this syndrome is tingling and weakness in the legs. This can spread to the upper body. In later stages other symptoms are rapid heart rate, bladder control issues, breathing problems, change in blood pressure, difficulty swallowing, chewing or speaking, facial movement problems, eye control issues and finally problems with walking.

Our experience at Arizona Neurology Associates tells us that a peak will normally occur in these symptoms in a little as two weeks, or after as many as four weeks after their first occurrence. At Arizona Neurology Associates, it’s important for us to tell you that if you experience any of these symptoms that you see us immediately. This is due to the nature of Guillain-Barré where symptoms can be a risk to life if there is an affect to automatic body functions, like heart rate or breathing.

Guillain-Barré has no known cause, although a high percentage of cases that Arizona Neurology Associates sees have been preceded by an infection. These infections are usually tied to the digestive tract or lungs.

Come to see Arizona Neurology Associates and our review for Guillain-Barré will start with a physical examination. This initial stage of diagnosis is because symptoms of this disease can mimic the conditions of other diseases very closely, so you have to be very careful to define from other conditions. If we confirm you have Guillain-Barré syndrome, we will develop a specifically tailored treatment plan to get you back to your health. We will fully partner with you to get your quality of life back, it’s what we are and what we want for you.