Don't Fall Asleep

Narcolepsy Treatment-ANA
Hopefully you won't fall asleep while you read this!

At Arizona Neurology Associates, we have treated Narcolepsy, which is a sleep condition where the characteristics are severe drowsiness during the daytime, and sudden sleep attacks. For those who suffer from this condition, they find it particularly hard to stay awake for any period of time, regardless of surroundings. Arizona Neurology Associates knows that it’s hard to keep any type of a normal life when you suffer this condition.

Sudden loss of tone of the muscles can occur with this condition (i.e. cataplexy) which is the cause of loss of muscle control and weakness.

Arizona Neurology Associates would advise that narcolepsy has no cure, it is a chronic condition. The approach we take is for treatment through lifestyle changes. With this disease, like so many neurological conditions, a support system through family and friends, teachers, employers is a coping mechanism and is very important when dealing with this disease.

If narcolepsy is to occur in a person, they will most commonly experience it between the ages of 10 and 25. There is a chance that it will worsen from the first experience, and possibly continue for life. Some of the things that a person may experience might be hallucinations. These can be different types and have scary and lasting effects. A person in this condition may suffer from sleep paralysis also. This is not uncommon, and the person often is unable to move/speak either while falling asleep or during waking periods. These periods are typically pretty short, seconds to minutes, but can be very disturbing.

Another condition is loss of muscle tone, called cataplexy. This may appear as physical changes anywhere from slurred speech to complete weakness in the muscles that lasts seconds to minutes. People with this disease can experience decreased alertness, or fall asleep anytime, anywhere and without warning. There are other things the sufferer may go through, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, acting out dreams in bed by screaming and kicking.  Not very pleasant.

Some people with narcolepsy may operate "on automatic" during these episodes. For example, you may fall asleep while performing a task you normally perform, such as driving, writing, typing but you function normally! When you awake, you don't remember what happened, but whatever you did, chances are it wasn't done well.

Our advice at Arizona Neurology Associates is to come see us if you have any of these symptoms. This condition can disrupt your professional and personal life, it can happen while driving, or in intimate situations. So we understand the impact on your life. We have treated this disease, brought our many skills and abilities to bear with it, and have helped others. If you wonder if something is going on with you or a loved one, don’t wait, come see Arizona Neurology Associates, let us put our skills and techniques to work to get you back where you want to be, back with a quality of life.