Causes and Symptoms

Migraine Prevention

The triggers for migraines are different from person to person.  Arizona Neurology Associates know that different things will affect people differently (i.e. triggers are different from person to person). Triggers set off migraines, they don’t cause them. So for any given person, your triggers will be different from what sets someone else’s triggers off.

Several things can set off an attack. The best thing to do is log into a book, log each event, and then look for patterns that may inform you as to what sets you off. In this way, you may be able to know your trends and triggers such that you can avoid an attack. If your triggers are grouped such that they set off an attack, then you will know to avoid as many in that “group” as you can.

Triggers that can set off an attack fall into three general areas:

1) Weather related where changes in barometric pressure, humidity, sunlight, big changes in temperature, 2) Environmental where motions, pollution or smoke, altitude, air pressure, flickering lights or smells that are strong, and 3) Lifestyle where stress, over-exertion, fasting, dehydration, sleep are issues.

If unsure of these steps, contact Arizona Neurology Associates, we're here to help any way we can and would love to do so.

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Migraine Pain Clinic
The migraine specialists at Arizona Neurology Associates focus their attention on the complex needs of adults and adolescents with headache disorders.

Recognizing the prevalence of such an under-diagnosed, under-treated, frustrated patient population, Arizona Neurology Associates' goal is to provide direct provider access, in order to empower our  patients with the knowledge needed to optimize their personal health and minimize the impact of migraine pain on their daily work, family, and personal lives.

Our specialists in the migraine pain clinic value our patients as individuals and fully appreciate that one treatment does not fit all. We know our patients have to take time away from other things to be here, and we strive  to make it as pleasant as possible. Contact the migraine pain clinic at Arizona Neurology Associates and let us partner with you.

Migraine Pain Doctors

We specialize in pain medication treatment for patients with all types of medical conditions.  These can be conditions requiring medium to strong drug therapy. But we specialize in migraine pain management because the numbers of patients suffering from this are just that much higher than other disorders, so all of our doctors specialize in this area.   

If you suffer from chronic pain due to headaches/migraines, ones that seem to never stop, and now you are starting to think you will have to live with this, you don't!  Arizona Neurology Associates can help you, we can help you manage the stress and develop a treatment plan specifically built for you that will get you back on the road to recovery.  That plan will include not just the treatment plan, but the supervised pain treatment plan.  That plan will include an educational plan, so that you are best informed of your disorder.  

Arizona Neurology Associates know that your pain can lead to depression, and the associated disappointment can be devastating to your physical and mental health, when your disorder goes from acute to chronic.  But, we are experienced in chronic pain management, and our doctors will evaluate your pain and get you on the road to a better quality of life, once we manage you pain levels.  Put our experience to use, we would love to help you!

Chronic Low Back Pain Treatments
Chronic lower back pain is a common ailment that is experienced by millions of people in the United States. Our neurologists are specialists in treating chronic lower back pain.

We want you to know if you suffer from chronic low back pain, you’re not alone. Reports suggest that 8 of out 10 adults in the U.S.  will suffer from some form of  low back pain during their lifetime.

Also of concern is the relapse rate of low back pain. Reports suggest that a large percentage of individuals who have had an occurrence of low back pain, will have a future pain episode.

The neurologists at Arizona Neurology Associates recognize that chronic low back pain is associated with significant disability and impacts negatively on both the personal and work life of those who suffer from the condition.

If you suffer from low back pain, there are multiple treatments that can help.  Arizona Neurology Associates offer treatments that range from targeted exercise programs to more interventional treatments as in spinal cord stimulation.

Migraine Treatment & Help
Migraine treatment has changed over the years, reflecting advances in technology which helps our understanding of how the brain and nervous system work. We are also aware that there is a strong genetic component as well as environmental factors involved. At Arizona Neurology Associates, we know that it is a complicated disease to manage and treat.

We have many medications, devices, and surgical treatments to both treat and prevent migraine attacks and symptoms. Some of these treatments have been developed specifically for migraine, while others were developed and FDA approved for another purpose.  Arizona Neurology Associates are experienced with choosing one or a combination that might work.  It can be a  process of trial and error that requires expert help. Consult our headache specialists to discuss a personalized treatment plan.

There are three main approaches to migraine treatment: acute, preventive, and complementary.  Acute treatment is used to stop an attack when it begins. Preventive treatment is used to reduce the number of attacks, lessen pain, and prevent future attacks. Complementary treatment is mostly for prevention without drugs.

At Arizona Neurology Associates, our goal is to help those who suffer from migraine with an effective treatment they can count on so that they can live a pain-free life.

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