Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Specialists in Arizona for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
You probably know someone with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is a compression of the median nerve due to swelling or narrowing of the carpal tunnel passage within the wrist. The median nerve is located in the carpal tunnel along with multiple tendons. If these tendons become inflamed, they can cause loss of sensation and pain in the wrist and hand. This condition is something that Arizona Neurology Associates has a lot of experience with, we can help with this condition if you have it.

Typically more women than men are affected, and experts in the field think that is because woman tend to have smaller frames and the associated small anatomy makes for a narrower carpal passage, thus leading to more problems. Contributing factors include conditions like diabetes, repetitive motion, arthritis, even hormonal changes.

As always, symptoms vary from person to person, and at Arizona Neurology Associates we will bring a suite of techniques to help with the best treatment plan we can build for you. What we normally see is that symptoms begin at the thumb side of the hand and then move from there. What you may experience are loss of dexterity, tingling, loss of sensation and pain. You would normally see this in the wrist and hand, but it can travel towards the elbow as well.

If you make the decision to come to Arizona Neurology Associates for this condition, we will perform a full workup, which also reviews lifestyle, goals, environment, etc., to fully understand your condition. Once that is done, and if carpal tunnel is confirmed, we will develop a full treatment plan that addresses all of these factors. Part of your diagnosis may include imaging like MRI or x-ray.

As noted above, if Arizona Neurology Associates confirm you have carpal tunnel syndrome and depending on the severity of your carpal tunnel, your specialized treatment plan will be developed. Any aspects in your environment that contribute to a worsening condition will be avoided to improve your condition. Bracing may be considered, depending on your specific condition.

If your carpal tunnel symptoms are severe or are not relieved by conservative measures, Arizona Neurology Associates may recommend surgery. Today we are able to conduct surgeries that are less invasive, using a technique called endoscope (i.e. a small camera). The basic process is to enlarge the carpal tunnel itself, which results in relieving pressure on the median nerve. This typically addresses the condition. If you have been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and you’ve been waiting for improvement, don’t wait any longer, we have a lot of experience with this, and we are here to get your quality of life back.