Blurry Vision

Treatment for Blurry Vision
The neurologists at Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) have 20+ years experience in the Valley and understand the fear and frustration of patients struggling with blurry vision.

While generally harmless and temporary, blurry vision is a common symptom prior to the start of an ocular migraine or migraine headache. Arizona Neurology Associates specialize in headache disorders.
You may find yourself in the group of people who’s vision  intermittently goes blurry or experience double vision. This symptom is often due to convergence spasm. This is easily understood by the very fact that one of the eyes is actively turning in towards the nose. Convergence is a normal eye movement but sometimes it becomes hyperactive in patients with functional symptoms.

It is important with functional symptoms to ask “Why has this happened?” and “'What has gone wrong in my body to cause the symptoms?” These are two separate questions and have two different answers. Neurological disorders causing vision disturbances refer to problems with vision or a change in eyesight caused by a disorder of the nervous system and that is where Arizona Neurology Associates can help. We have treated patients who have visual problems resulting from stroke, aneurysms or brain tumors which affected the brain.

Patients who are worried and confused and are experiencing blurry vision can be assured that Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA), are interested in delivering the most accurate diagnose and treatment to their patients. Our doctors are highly skilled and knowledgeable and have treated a wide range of neurological conditions including those that cause blurry vision. By learning about each patient's health and family history, and a complete diagnostic examination, our doctors can more effectively assess why the patient is experiencing blurry or double vision.

Our doctors and staff are dedicated to putting you at ease from scheduling the visit to understanding your diagnosis and treatment. Arizona Neurology Associates practice compassionate, open communication. Call and make an appointment to visit with our staff today.