Blurred Vision

Neurology Specialist in Arizona for blurred vision

At Arizona Neurology Associates, we know that blurred vision could require corrective lenses, glasses or contact lenses. A quick onset of blurry eyesight could indicate an obstruction in the eye, like a piece of dirt, or it could be an infection. Typically, once these conditions are addressed, your vision will clear up. However, if these are not the causes and your vision doesn’t clear, this could indicate a neurological cause possibly stemming from migraine headaches, diabetes, a brain tumor, stroke or Parkinson’s disease.

If normal conditions are ruled out, Arizona Neurology Associates recommends a neurological workup to get an accurate diagnosis of what led to the blurred vision and a treatment plan to address the condition.

At Arizona Neurology Associates, we are general neurologists first. We know from experience the frustration and fear that patients experience from having blurred vision. At Arizona Neurology Associates, we treat all neurological conditions or anything that leads to blurry eyesight. All of the personnel at Arizona Neurology Associates are attentive and treat each individual as a human being that we are sharing an experience with, not just as a patient. We know this is important to delivering the best possible care to you.

When you come to Arizona Neurology Associates, it’s not just about your disorder or your condition, it’s much more. We want to learn about you as a person, what your goals and concerns are, the things you like to do and the things in your environment that may have contributed to your condition. Doing so allows our staff at Arizona Neurology Associates to work with you to get the most accurate diagnosis and the best treatment plan for your blurred vision.

Because there are multiple doctors working at Arizona Neurology Associates, it allows us to put our many years of experience in general neurology together to help you get back to optimal wellness. If you've ever suffered from this condition, it is not something you should wait to take care of. If you experience any onset of blurred vision, contact Arizona Neurology Associates immediately.