Arizona Neurology Associates

Neurology Specialist

To receive the best care, you should always first consult your primary care doctor, but if you have not received a satisfying answer for your concerns, it is good to be aware then of what Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) does and the symptoms they treat.

Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) are specialists who treat diseases in the brain and spinal cord which is known as the central nervous systems and peripheral nerves which are the nerves connecting the brain and spine to the organs, like the lungs or liver, and muscles. Neurological diseases can include headaches; epilepsy; stroke; movement disorders, such as tremor or Parkinson’s disease; and many others.

When a patient is seen at Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA), a thorough medical history as well as a full neurological exam are what they can expect as this is the basic foundation of diagnosing and treating neurological disorders. In addition, communication is paramount at Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA), so we will give a full explanation as to why certain work-ups are necessary. The recommendations we give our patients, are given as simply and in the best way possible.

The latest scientifically-proven facts are instrumental to Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) for delivering an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for our patients. We use Neuropsychological testing to assess brain functions which provide insight into the psychological and central nervous system (CNS) functioning. This information can lead to localization of organic abnormalities, clarification and/or confirmation of a diagnosis, and insight into one’s cognitive ability. Findings may also help in understanding how a disease may process over time and thereby provide a guide for effective treatment recommendations for rehab when there is impairment.

Arizona Neurology Associates (ANA) have 20+ years of experience and consider it an honor to be a part of our patients care. We will work with our patients to ensure that they have the best quality of life possible.