A Case of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment

If you suffer from pain sensations in your face, you may want to consider a visit to Arizona Neurology Associates. The potential condition being discussed here is called Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is a condition where that the trigeminal nerve is compressed and results in chronic pain. The nerve is affected in a way that the condition of the face is relayed to the brain as a pain signal.

Arizona Neurology Associates has experience with this condition, we have treated it.  We know from experience that the simplest of inputs, applying makeup, brushing the teeth, can result in bruising pain sensations, excruciating at any level. These can start out as short attacks and over time can be longer and become more and more painful. At Arizona Neurology Associates, we typically see women affected more than men, and normally in folks over the age of 50.

Like so many neurological conditions, Arizona Neurology Associates wants you to know that you do not have to suffer through the pain, there are options and we can help. We know that attacks can last for seconds, in some cases minutes, and some attacks come in waves lasting up to months or longer. There may be aching instead of the searing pain, in rare occasions both sides of the fact are affected. Whatever your condition, we can and will help you with your trigeminal neuralgia.

With trigeminal neuralgia, the pain may feel like an electrical shock to the face. As stated above, very simple things, touching your face, brushing teeth, chewing, even talking, all of these can set off attacks. Your doctors focus will be based on how you describe your pain, what triggers it, the location of it and the type of pain. You doctor will conduct tests to determine if you have trigeminal neuralgia,  Your doctor will diagnose trigeminal neuralgia mainly based on your description of the pain, and this diagnosis may include a neurological examination, and possibly magnetic resource imaging. The pain you experience could originate from a number of conditions, so the doctor may conduct other tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

If Arizona Neurology Associates confirm that you have trigeminal neuralgia, medication is a normal starting point. This may take the form of anticonvulsants. If this does not last as a treatment option over time, doses may be increased, or other types of drugs may be considered. Other options can be antispasmodic agents to relax the muscles in the face, or botox. Botox is normally used in cases where the patient is no longer helped by medication.

Surgery may be considered, normally this is microvascular decompression. This means removing or relocating blood vessels that contact the trigeminal root. In some cases, this vein may be removed. Arizona Neurology Associates has seen some cases where the pain has gone away, then returned some time later.

Let Arizona Neurology Associates help with your condition. We have the required skills and experience.  Our team of doctors also trade information which strengthens the team’s ability to address your condition through a larger set of information. Come to Arizona Neurology Associates, we would love to help get back your quality of life!